JBang Rewind 2021!

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We just closed on a very busy 2021 for JBang, and especially in the last few weeks, things progressed quite a bit. Therefore I thought it would be nice to give a quick overview to recognize the progress and give you a chance to catch up!

December 31st

JDoodle updates their iOS and Android versions to include JBang support. You can now edit and run Java/JBang on the go.

December 29th

Guide to JBang posted on baeldung.com

December 25th

Free IntelliJ License giveaway for one recognized JBang contributor following the steps outlined here. It is a time of writing still open; thus, if you ever opened an issue, contributed an idea or code, or want to contribute, it is still possible to get it!

December 22nd

IntelliJ Plugin made available. Provides direct execution with JBang, content assist for //DEPS and other keywords, and more.

December 1st

JBang was the first entry of 2021 Java Advent Calendar.

November 29th

JDoodle added JBang to its list of supported languages. Making it possible to edit/write Java code using dependencies in a browser without login and additionally embed JBang examples in your blog/guides.

November 24th

Microsoft made a JBang catalog available providing easy launch of Minecraft and Playwright CLI.

And in between, we had four releases of JBang in December with features and bug fixes - heading towards the mythical 1.0 release.

The latest one is 0.86.0 which came on the second anniversary of JBang - or at least the first tweet about it.

Here, one fix was how JBang deals with lib vs. libs that came from a conversation around using JBang in serverless lambda functions. Nándor Holozsnyák just made a blog showing his explorations into this. I was happy to see this as Nandor looked into this because he felt JBang enabled a simple scripting approach comparable to Python/Node - but for Java.

That’s precisely what JBang is about - enabling easy use of Java - I’m expecting to see more enablement of using JBang for more than just scripts in 2022!

Here is to make 2022 about bringing JBang to version 1.0 and making Java fun!




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