No Java ? No Problem!

Java will automatically be downloaded when needed.

Java 8 and higher

You can run .java as scripts using Java 8+, .jsh works with Java 9+.

Install & Run Anywhere

JBang installs and run on Windows, Linux, macOS, Docker and Github Actions

Dependencies Simplified

Automatic fetching of any dependency using //DEPS group:artifact:version or @Grab annotations.

Easy Repositories

No need to remember the full url of Maven repositories. Use short hand, like //REPOS jitpack to easily add major repositories.

Works in your IDE

Easy editing in Intellij, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Apache Netbeans, vim and emacs. All with proper content assist and debug.

Executable scripts

./helloworld.java works on Linux and Mac. Use Java for true scripting.

Scripting Catalogs

Run anyone's script or provide you own aliases from a git backed catalog, i.e. jbang env@jbangdev

Cached Builds

Builds are cached making re-runs instant.

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