JBang Idea plugin enhances the JBang experience inside Intellij IDEA.

The plugin works with and without jbang edit command. You can create jbang scripts, get auto completion and run your script without any setup.

A real game changer to get started with Java.

The following features are available:

  • JBang project wizard: create JBang project by IDEA project wizard

  • JSON Schema for jbang-catalog.json and code completion for script-ref

  • JDKs sync with JBang: sync JDKs from JBang to IntelliJ IDEA

  • JBang script creation from file templates: New → JBang Script

  • JBang directives completion: for example //DEPS, //SOURCES

  • Sync Dependencies between JBang and Gradle

  • Sync Dependencies to IDEA’s module when using idea . to open JBang project

  • JBang Run Line Marker for ///usr/bin/env jbang

  • Run Configuration support: run JBang script by right click

  • file name end with '.java', '.kt', '.groovy' or '.jsh'

  • file code should contain ///usr/bin/env jbang or //DEPS

  • GAV completion for `//DEPS `

  • text without colon - full text search google.guava, and words seperated by . or -

  • text with one colon - artifact search based on groupId

  • text with two colons - version search based on groupId and artifactId