Install Apps

Since version 0.56 jbang comes with ability to setup jbang to put scripts/apps into your PATH using jbang app. This is useful to easily make scripts available from anywhere on any Operating System;

To get started run jbang app setup this will on Windows modify your system wide PATH to include a folder managed by jbang. On bash/zsh based shells it will setup PATH in your bashrc or zshrc file(s.)

Once setup, you can use jbang app install <scriptRef> to install that script into the jbang managed path.

i.e. jbang app install will add myscript as a command you can run.

You can also use aliases, like jbang app install gavsearch@jbangdev.

If you have two script/apps with same name or just want to use a specific name you can use --name to control the generated command: jbang app install --name mvnsearch gavsearch@jbangdev

If you want to see which are already installed use jbang app list and you can use jbang app uninstall <name> to uninstall the script/app.